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Advice From Admissions Gurus

“Figure out what you’re interested in (in high school) and be involved in them early: join clubs, hobbies, skills, etc. Try a wide variety, especially if you do not know what you want to study or what you are interested in. Later, when realities of admissions process are more present, you will handle it much easier.”

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Community Engagement & Colleges

Toddlers waddle around, socially distanced, barely understanding why their friends and them are wearing masks and prohibited from touching one another. It’s tense, but ‘Ms. Lauren’ does what she does best: keep the peace, maintain good feelings for the kids, and provides a welcoming environment in a world seemingly without one.

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First Gen Feature!

“Everyone’s story is very unique…For Me, I’d say to first-gen[students] that you’re the bridge-builder to ensure others who come after you get similar tools and speak to people like yourselves.

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Beating Emotional Burnout | 5 min read

Emotional burnout. What is it? College senior and ardent student activist Chris Carvell, sees it as “The point in time when your ability to fulfill one or more of your responsibilities becomes hindered by the stress you feel from those responsibilities and other outside forces.” Chris Carvell Emotional burnout, or fatigue, is common in activists […]

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